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Types of Facial Treatments


Signature Facial "Touch of beauty"

Customize facial with specific procedures and products based on your skin’s needs designed after a detailed skin analysis is conducted .This facial includes: cleanse, exfoliation, massage, extraction, and customized mask.

Hydrating Facial 

This is luxurious anti-aging hydrating treatment. After thorough consultation, the facial begins with a cleaning under steam while your hands are massaged with a nice cream and enveloped in warm hands mitts. Next comes the necessary but almost painless extraction. Exfoliation with enzyme peel leaves the skin feeling light, and free of layers of dead skin. While the skin is freshly exfoliate your technician applied wit c and hydrating serum to helps brighten the skin. Finally, applied mask (citrus extract) living the skin hydrated with a radiant glow. While the mask is penetrating your technician takes you right to paradise with scalp massage.


Collagen Facial

It is a beauty treatment that uses collagen protein to revitalize the skin. A collagen facial attempts to retard the again process by refreshing the skin 's natural proteins by external application. At the start of the facial, the skin is cleaned with cleanser and is then exfoliation manually with scrub or applying chemical scrub to remove dead skin's cells .The next step is to massage the skin well with a collagen cream. After massage we do extractions and applied collagen fiber mask. Regular use of collagen mask helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin vitality and leave the skin feel softer and younger.

Vit C Booster Facial 

The vitamin rich treatment will give your skin a boost and leave your face with healthy glow. Gentle cleansing and removal death skin with enzyme peel prepared client's face for three step infusion of revitalizing nutrients,"-Vit C-hydrating B 5 gel and balancing hydrator. This uplifting treatment is ideal for special occasion appearancess.


Acne Treatment 

This facial is customized to each client's need. After the detailed consultation the skin is prepare for exfoliation and conditioned with normalizing treatment designed to kill bacteria and balance the hormones. Products are applied to help heal and calm the skin along with high frequency, followed by mask and moisturized.

24 K Gold Facial 

The facial is rejuvenating skin treatment that promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firm aging skin, consist of exfoliation with gold enzyme scrub, deep massage , extraction and closing with 24 k gold mask. This mask stimulates collagen , promotes skin tone, builds elasticity.


Mini Facial

The mini session of the signature facial , includes cleanse, extraction, massage and customized mask delivering maximum result in minimum time.Does not include extraction. (30 min treatment)

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